We seek to make giving easy - you can use:

  • e-Transfer   Safe, secure and no fee!  Set up the recipient as  No security key or sign-in question is required. 
  • Canada Helps.  They take a 4% fee, but you can give online or from a phone anywhere in the world and they usually issue a tax receipt to you at the time of your gift.
  • Pre-Authorized Giving   "PAG" is for automated monthly giving, without a fee (thank you, Diocese!)  Use this form to enroll or change your gift at any time.
  • The Mail  With no drop box at the office, please mail your gift to 6210 188 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5T 5T4, or call to arrange a drop-off time. 

Our mission, "Following Jesus, Serving People", is expressed in worship, faith formation, pastoral care, prayer, and mission for the common good of wider community.  To do that, we also have to give.  Jesus talks about wealth and stewardship more than any other topic because all three of time, talent and treasure are necessary ingredients in faith, and in a generous church.  Waiting for more faith won't help you learn to be generous.  It works the other way around.  Being generous increases your faith.  That's because compassionate giving sets you free.  It creates relationship, belonging and hope.

    Loaves & Fish
    Christ maginifies generosity.
    Luke 9:12 is a real thing...
    the 4.77x is just one example.

    THE HALO EFFECT - Supporting Churches has a BIG Community Impact


    • Even a small gift impacts the lives of real people here in Edmonton and throughout the world.  (Luke 21:1-4)  But that's more than church talk. It's proven by real research.  Governments know that churches improve mental health, help the vulnerable, diminish social isolation and improve quality of life, so they give tax deductions when you support us.  But they also know that if they had to pay to create program to replace what churches do, the costs would be enormous.  They couldn't do it for the same money, largely due to people power. 
    • Don't Beleive Me?  It's been measured.  It's called the "Halo Effect".   This study even created a regional “Halo Calculator”, to show how a church multiplies the value of a monetary gift, based on the aggregate of the real common good and services the church provides.

    Edmonton's “Halo Factor” is 4.77x and this means...

    • for every $1 in a church budget, the city gets $4.77 in public benefit.
    • because total organizational budgets are $159.97 Million, the city actually gets $720.14 Million in benefits!
    • if you give $5,000 to a church each year, the public good and service provided back to the community is equal to a $23,850 impact.*
    • And all that is before taxes!  When you factor the tax deduction your donation garners, relative to your donation costs (depending on your tax rate), the real halo factor for you can be as high as 10x an impact on the cost of your actual gift!   Where else can you find that stunning a return on your investment?

    *Source -

    The math proves it's good to have a church in your neighbourhood - anchoring community and serving people.
    Outward-Looking Christians pour energy and money back into the economy, because their Churches...

    • teach generosity as necessary in life
    • lead by example and are more generous to other things too
    • give to and volunteer in services to the common good, relieving the public purse
    • are good for the economy, generating economic activity
    • create jobs, employ people and pay living wages
    • encourage the support of local businesses and trades and hire them
    • are honourable:  they pay their bills in full and on time
    • generate community engagement that’s good for quality of life which is good for business
    • work to get people out of poverty and get them participating in the economy again