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COVID Precautions Continue

  • In-person Sunday Eucharists have resumed at both 8:30am and 10am.
  • We share the bread, but the common cup can't be offered just yet.
  • Registration is no longer required.
  • Masking/distancing are mandatory, but that means we can sing again!
  • Online worship recordings are offered here. 
  • For an order of service, click on the "worship" tab.
  • We hope to resume coffee hour, with certain limits, in the fall.  Stay tuned.   


Thank you for your help in:

  • keeping the worship space clean and safe, and following the protocols:  it is working!
  • wash/sanitize hands to protect each other, and don't touch your face
  • taking your turn in the roster to clean and sanitize high touch surfaces, door handles and washrooms before and after worship.
  • offering to be one of 4 people per Sunday to receive folks and ensure protocols are followed.
  • being patient and gentle with each other, knowing that we have different sensibilities, vulnerabilities and levels of comfort
  • speaking gently to each other, wear masks properly to fully cover nose and mouth
  • put masks on and off by the straps and don't touch them while wearing them
  • remembering to keep a hockey stick distance between cohorts
  • remembering, though it is hard... no hugging just yet!


A Word About the Gift and Importance of Vaccines:

  • If you wish to attend in-person worship, and you qualify for vaccination, please register today with AHS and get vaccinated.
  • Christians throughout history have been the leaders, putting their own interests aside to step forward in times of illness, famine, war and pandemic to care for those in need.  That is because, like all the children of Abraham, Christianity holds life as a sacred gift placed in our care by God, and that includes the lives of others.  Now it's our generation's turn.
  • Remember when this began how desperate we were for a vaccine, and for the way it would bring renewed confidence and certainty?  So, now when it is here, we could not have IMAGINED that someone would try to sabotage that gift!  But there are folks around with short memories, or who never experienced things like Polio before a vaccine.  We can forgive them.  But forgiveness is not the same thing as tacit approval.  We must assert that God works God's life-giving purposes through scientists too.  There is no place in our faith, our scriptures or in our shared values to malign that life-giving work, which is the very solution that we are so privileged to have in our time.  The common good trumps anyone's ill-conceived notion of personal "rights", because rights mean nothing at all unless they are exercised from a place of community responsibility.
  • Simply put, to get a vaccine is to obey Christ's commandment to "love our neighbours as ourselves".  That is why our clergy and all our members who are qualified are all double and triple vaccinated.  Those who want to come, but are prevented from vaccination due to medical reasons, please know I am praying for your, too:  and let me know privately about your circumstances.
  • As vaccines are not available for <12 at this point (we're gettig closer!):  parents and kids, proceed with extra caution, come as a cohort and we'll all follow the protocols.
  • In consultation with our parents and families, we are not able to offer in-person children's program at this time, but we hope that will resume soon. 
  • Christians
  • We have a wealth of wisdom in caring for each other, and we will keep doing that.
  • We are not the first generation that has been unable to gather to worship Jesus in freedom and without fear, and we will never take that gift for granted.


Blessings, and stay well, all!

The Rev'd David Pickett
Interim Priest in Charge