Every child of God is deserving of sacred dignities and prayers at the end of life.

When death comes, the Christian community cares about more than sacred ceremony.  We are also aware of the important work of grieving, recovery and healing. We are honoured to assist anyone at the time of a death of a loved one, regardless of their background. You do not need to be a member of the church. You may desire a simple grave-side service, a memorial in a funeral home, or to be welcomed for a Eucharist and full burial rite in the sanctuary.  We are willing and able to help.

Funeral services in the church are led by the parish clergy, who take the view that any person is a child of God and deserving of simple dignities and prayers if they are desired.  The rites of the Anglican Church of Canada speak to this important honouring of life.

We are accustomed to short notice.  Call at 780-487-0324 or email the incumbent priest.  And as experienced as we are at the rites of funeral care in the Christian tradition, and regardless of how many funerals we have planned and conducted, from our own losses we are aware that yours is unique and there is only one you are concerned about when you call.

Often, when our building activity allows, we are able to offer our hall for a funeral reception.  Please inquire at the office